The web development landscape has dramatically changed in the past 10 years. For developers who remember from the mid to late 2000s web development on the browser side using javascript was an ultimate pain in the neck as the then standard ES5 was limited in its functionality. This was until Jquery came along and helped address a lot of issues one of them being cross-browser compatibility. I personally liked working in Jquery as it helped enhance my productivity.

Along came the 2010s then now we could finally write Javascript on the server-side thanks to Node Js. Finally, developers could use…

cooperative bank Kenya

This is a Java wrapper for the cooperative bank coop connect api


clone or download from github using the link


  • Java 1.8 or later


-Create an account at the coop connect developer portal and create an application in order to get your CONSUMER KEY and CONSUMER SECRET credentials also remember to subscribe to the APIS you would wish to use in the developer portal



Bank bank = new Bank("CONSUMER KEY", "CONSUMER_SECRET", Constants.sandbox );

NB remember to change to when going live

Account Balance

Account Balance Enquiry API will enable you to enquire about your own Co-operative Bank accounts’ balance as…


Liquid Petroleum gas cylinders

The petroleum Act number 2 of 2019 passed by an act of parliament was introduced in order to help introduce measures to help protect consumers of LPG and regulate the different players within the industry. According to the regulations, gas retailers who are the last point of contact with the customer are supposed to issue the consumer with a receipt containing the following information.

· Name, address, and telephone of the retailer

· Name and telephone of the consumer

· date of the sale

· cylinder brand


Walking along the streets of Nairobi one is fascinated by the number of micro, small and medium enterprises that line up the road. According to a survey done by the Kenya Association Of Manufacturers(KAM) micro, small and medium enterprises contribute up to 40% of the GDP of the country, and the majority of them are in the informal sector where there is barely any regulation and financial access through proper channels.

The majority of these enterprises are focused on wholesale or retail trade with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) stating that majority of them close after 2…

Isaac Sichangi

Product Design | Software Development

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