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  • Beate Öttl

    Beate Öttl

    ✨UX-Designer & Content Strategist with a passion for psychology & productivity 💡🔥

  • Nicollet Njora

    Nicollet Njora

    Software Engineer. Baker. Life enthusiast. Seeing Fuchsia makes me Flutter 😅😉.

  • Naema Baskanderi

    Naema Baskanderi

    UX Designer. Moderator @DesignerHangout . Trying to help spread the word about good #ux design. Follow me on Twitter @msNaema or on Instagram @gooduxwriting

  • Partech


    A global investment platform for tech and digital companies with offices in #SanFrancisco, #Paris, #Berlin & #Dakar

  • Savneet Singh

    Savneet Singh

    the arrogance in my ideation

  • Seth Rosenberg

    Seth Rosenberg

    Investor @ Greylock Partners. Former Product @ Facebook Messenger.

  • Satya Pavan Kantamani

    Satya Pavan Kantamani

    Android Dev at Toppr. Interested in Traveling, App development. Based in Hyderabad, India. Catch me at https://about.me/satyapavankumar

  • John Resig

    John Resig

    Creator of @jquery, JavaScript programmer, author, Japanese woodblock nerd (http://ukiyo-e.org), work at @khanacademy.

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