1. The development team writes code to implement new features or fix a problem and the code is deployed to the development environment and generally tested by the development team.
  2. The code is deployed to the quality assurance environment where it is verified by the testing team.
  3. The code is provided to the operations team for deploying to the production environment where the operations team is responsible for managing and maintaining the code.
  1. The transition of the current application build from the development environment to the production environment could take a long period sometimes weeks or months.
  2. The development and operations teams are not aware of each other's work or work culture.
  3. Both teams work in different types of environments and there might be a possibility that the development team has resource constraints and they, therefore, use a different type of configuration which might work in localhost or the developer environment
  4. The development team has the executable files, configuration files, database scripts, and deployment documentation. They provide it to the operations team. All these Artifacts are verified in the development environment and not in production or staging.
  5. Different teams may take different approaches to setting up the runtime environment and the configuration and deployment activities.
  6. There is hardly any collaboration between the development team and the operations team resulting in constant back and forth communication between the teams.
  7. The release cycle is often long and the development team has to make assumptions before the application deployment takes place.
  8. The operations team is supposed to diagnose and rectify issues after application deployment in isolation.
  1. Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  2. Configuration Management: Chef
  3. Cloud Service Providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure
  4. Containerization: Docker
  5. Continuous delivery/deployment: ssh
  6. Continuous Monitoring: Zenoss, Nagios
  7. Code Repositories: Git, SVN



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Isaac Sichangi

Isaac Sichangi

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